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Our Colours... Your Way!  

Due to our in house expertise, we not only provide support when sampling a material, but we are with you right from the start of your project.
From development, to sampling, to start up and scaling up for full scale production, we are with you every step of the way and our expertise will allow you to see how our colours will work in your finished product.

Our bespoke blends can deliver many time saving and cost effective benefits:
We recognise how difficult it can be to accurately gauge dosage levels, and errors can occur costing you time and money.
With this in mind we can offer a variety of solutions to help in your production, which will allow easy incorporation in production, to ensure ease of use in the finished product. 

We can offer liquid blending – this will be into a pre-dispersed medium of your choice such as glycerine or sugar syrup. This solution will provide ease of use and batch to batch colour consistency.

Our bespoke blends can also be provided in powder form. We are extremely accomplished in house at blending pigments. However we do not stop at blending colours, our proven track record shows that we also have the capability to incorporate other ingredients in line with your requirements.

Our capabilities and service extend well beyond this, and where required, we can offer microtesting or irradiation of materials. We are solution orientated and have proven time and time again that we offer a variety of benefits when supplying Our Colours…Your Way! 


  • Ability to colour match
  • Consistent shade
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Colours can be supplied blended with other ingredients of choice
  • A partner who takes account of your regulatory & trend requirements
  • Delivered in a powder or liquid format


Cleansing and Bathing

Univar Colour's portfolio includes a wide range of pigments and dyes. We can process them to deliver colours in a more versatile format including liquid and multi colour powder blends which can be readily incorporated into body care formulations. You may be manufacturing a diverse range of products such as bath bombs, body wash, liquid & hard soaps or face masks. We have an exciting selection of colours, and solutions to meet your branding and performance needs. 

Tanning Products

Self-tan and tanning products continue to be in high demand. Univar Colour offer colour matching services and have the capability to provide an extensive range of shades to suit your specific needs.

Colour blends can be developed in powder and liquid format taking account of your required application method, this could be applied by hand, spray or mitt. 

Hair Care

Our bespoke blends have proved successful in a variety of decorative hair care applications.

Continuing to trend with our customers are hair chalks and coloured hair mascara in the wash off options. We also see ongoing demand for blends which can be used in temporary root concealer products.If you have a requirement for colour matching or to work with a partner on a new color development product, please contact us 

For more traditional shampoo and conditioner products we have a wide range of dyes and dispersible solutions to help you achieve the colours which reinforce your brand. 

Male Grooming

In this fast growing market sector, Univar Colour has the knowledge and capability to help you keep ahead of the trend. 

Our bespoke pigment blends can be used in a variety of applications. From achieving the perfect shade in solid clay/wax hair products to providing you with the desired shade for a wide range of skin tones. We appreciate that it can be a challenge to strike the right balance between colouring your product for visual appeal without staining the skin, across the portfolio, Univar Colour is here to guide you and deliver solutions to your specific challenges. We also see the interest in tinted products very much in demand for products developed for male consumers, as outlined in our tanning products section, we can offer colour matching services and we can develop specific shades for any new projects.

If liquid soaps, shaving cream and foams or beard oil are an important part of your portfolio we have a wide range of dyes and pigments with suitability in these applications.