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We Are Serious About Safety

Safety is our first priority, both the starting point and foundation for all aspects of our global business operations. Safe transport and storage of products, safe operational practices and safe working conditions enable us to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and the environment.


Our ethos is to deliver Our Colours . . .  Your Way, so what does that mean exactly?

Univar Colour has an extensive portfolio of pigments & dyes which we can deliver to you as standard products, however we appreciate that they can be messy to use and it only takes a small weighing error to render an entire batch of finished product unusable due to shade variation or poor dispersion. 

We have the expertise to understand your needs and provide colour in the physical form which you require, this could be powder, liquid or paste, and we can blend multiple colours or even other ingredients, saving you time and money.

Our support commences at concept stage, right through to final scale up.

The options are endless but here is an example of how we support our customers;

We can offer liquid blending – this will be into a pre-dispersed medium of your choice such as glycerine or sugar syrup. This solution will provide ease of use and batch to batch colour consistency. We can even supply the product in pre weighed dosage units.

Our bespoke blends can also be provided in powder form. We are extremely accomplished with the blending of pigments, however, as mentioned earlier, we do not stop at blending colours, our proven track record shows that we also have the capability to incorporate other ingredients, we have the added benefit of being able to draw upon the extensive Univar product portfolio to manage this.

We also understand that you may need specific parameters to be delivered, including, but not restricted to, micro testing or irradiation of materials. We are solution orientated and have proven time and time again that we offer a variety of benefits, supplying Our Colours…Your Way!