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REACH is the European  Union's regulation for the Registration, Evaluation,  Authorization and  Restriction of Chemicals. REACH affects the chemical industry and all  users, including a large  part of Europe’s industry  and retail businesses.

 Univar has been involved in the REACH process for several years including  working with the FECC, a European association of   the chemical distribution  and trading industry, as  well as local industry  federations to develop  more practical and  effective legislation. We  will continue to push for its efficient implementation.  

By helping to define the rules, Univar is uniquely placed to monitor, advise and manage REACH compliance for our customers.

As the May 2018 deadline approached, Univar Colour was in regular consultation with our suppliers confirming their support and commitment for the products we needed to qualify under REACH. We achieved our goal which was for all of the colour portfolio to be Reach compliant in time for the 31st May 2018 deadline.

For a REACH update on a specific colour please contact us here.