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Our Colours... Your Way! 

With the help of our in house expertise, we not only provide support when sampling a material, but we are with you right from the start of your project.
From development, to sampling, to start up and scaling up for full scale production, we are with you every step of the way and our expertise will allow you to see how our colours will work in your finished product.

Our bespoke blends can deliver many time saving and cost effective benefits:
We recognise how difficult it can be to accurately gauge dosage levels, and errors can occur costing you time and money.
With this in mind we can offer a variety of solutions to help in your production, which will allow easy incorporation in production, to ensure ease of use in the finished product.

We can offer liquid blending – this will be into a pre-dispersed medium of your choice such as glycerine or sugar syrup. This solution will provide ease of use and batch to batch colour consistency.

Our bespoke blends can also be provided in powder form. We are extremely accomplished in house at blending pigments. However we do not stop at blending colours, our proven track record shows that we also have the capability to incorporate other ingredients in line with your requirements.

Our capabilities and service extend well beyond this, and where required, we can offer microtesting or irradiation of materials. We are solution orientated and have proven time and time again that we offer a variety of benefits when supplying Our Colours…Your Way!


  • Ability to colour match
  • Consistent shade
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Colours can be supplied blended with other ingredients of choice
  • A partner who takes account of your regulatory & trend requirements
  • Delivered in a powder or liquid format


At Univar Colour we understand that when selecting colour, regulatory compliance is your number one priority. We work with you to ensure that the colours and blends selected comply with both your test markets and your end customer geographies.


Solid Dose

We understand at Univar Colour that whilst the pigment or dye may have no functional benefits, the visual impact needs to give your customers confidence and it must reinforce your brand identity. 

If you prefer to produce your own tablet coatings, you may still welcome some assistance with pre-blending your colours together, or with one or more excipients. Univar Colour has the capability to provide dry and wet blending services, and you can stipulate your preferred brands or work with the extensive portfolio which already exists within the wider Univar organisation.

For tablet coating solutions, the team can provide colour matching services, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss your new project requirements. We work with you from concept stage, through to scale up and final commercialistion, ensuring that we understand your regulatory and performance needs throughout. For support on such a project please contact the colour team.

Sachets and Syrups

Univar Colour can recommend a wide range of solutions for sachet & syrup manufacture. Powder sachets can present a challenge with specking, homogeneity and a change in colour appearance from dry powder to dissolved colour, Speck - free powders from Univar Colour present a solution to all of these challenges. They are water soluble dye blends which we can disperse onto another excipient of choice. The combination of wet and dry phases in our production process lock in the colour and provide a much finer particle than you would achieve from a standard milling process. 

Ordinarily the mass tone of the product will differ from the colour of the dye in solution, but the speck-free process (where wetting out is involved) delivers a mass colour similar to that of the colour solution. Well blended dye mixes can often show the individual colours as they are dissolving, speck - free blends from Univar Colour do not - a single colour will appear for your customers.

We can provide colours dispersed in a medium of your choice for easy incorporation into syrups. We will work with you to ensure that the colour(s) selected are compliant for your application and geographical requirements.

Gelatin Capusules

Soft gels are translucent in appearance, so it's imperative that any colours are fully dispersed to avoid any suggestion that the product is imperfect. Univar Colour have decades of experience, producing glycerine based blends for soft gel manufacturers.

Hard gels generally have colour in at least one of the two outer casings. Whilst the manufacturing process differs to that of soft gels, the incorporation of the colour can be equally messy and problematic. For this application, Univar Colour can provide the colours in aqueous paste format, so that it can be readily incorporated into the gelatin.

The benefits of working with predispersed blends are multiple. They are much easier to handle and weigh and we can even supply in pre weighed dosage units. The complex part of the process is to disperse the powder, we provide this service for you and the paste disperse more easily into the gelatin base than a powder does. Univar Colour also cross check to an agreed standard so that you are always assured of batch to batch consistency of colour.



Oral Care

Univar Colour have been producing coloured blends for toothpaste & mouth wash manufacture for many years. We can work with your stipulated ingredient sources or you can choose to work with colours and ingredients from our own extensive portfolio. 

The main challenges when incorporating powders into large volume batch production is in the weighing and blending. Just a few grams too much or too little of a colour can cause an entire production to be rejected. Likewise if the blending isn't exactly the same every time you can experience poor dispersion and batch to batch variability.

We agree your colour standard and ensure that batch to batch you don't experience variation. Undestanding the importance of adding exactly the right quantity, we can pre blend your colours in a medium of choice and can supply in pre weighed batch dosage units.