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Seasonal Campaigns

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we share our love of Colour with you in showcasing what we have to offer to help you create memorable products.

Our experienced team can help to formulate solutions to whatever your desired shade is. From deep velvety, reds to more subtle yet stunning pinks. We can offer these in a variety of mediums to ensure your Valentine’s products are truly special whatever the challenge.


Easter can provide the ideal opportunity for you to showcase your products and to stand out from the crowd, with this in mind, we can offer bespoke solutions to give your product a fresh feel as we enter into spring. Our expertise in providing solutions for sugar coated confectionary can be formulated to achieve your desired shade, whether this be for an existing product you are looking to match or for a new project.

Colours for chocolate - we can supply colours pre dispersed in oils to enable them to be easily incorporated into chocolate blends. These may be suitable for easter eggs and chocolate based easter products. We can work with you to establish which medium will be most suited to your process

Easter cakes:

Coloured sugar paste – Our expertise also extends to pre-dispersed pigments and dyes. These can be pre-dispersed into glycerine and are ideal for giving your range of Easter bakery products a stunning effect and ensuring your cakes are vibrant and eye-catching.

Colours for cake mix - Lakes & dyes can be pre blended and dispersed for ease of use. We recognise that it can be a challenge adding the correct quantity of colour which can result in batch to batch inconsistency, in order to support you in overcoming this, we can supply colours & colour blends in pre weighed dosage units