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Our Colours... Your Way!

An Introduction To Univar Colour.

We have been in the business of creating colour blends since 1955. Our focus is on saving time and delivering bespoke solutions for our customers. Until now our primary markets have been Food, Pharma, Nutra & Personal Care, but our ranges are evolving into other end markets, including paints, inks & construction. We will be adding updates to our website to reflect changes on an ongoing basis.

In advance of any updates, we thought you may like to know about our existing capabilities, so that you have a good understanding of the scale of what we can do, and the extent of our knowledge.

Due to our in house expertise, we not only provide support when sampling a material, but we are with you right from the start of your project.
From development, to sampling, to start up and scaling up to mainstream production, we are with you every step of the way and our expertise will allow you to see how our colours will work in your finished product.

Our bespoke blends can deliver many time saving and cost effective benefits:
We recognise how difficult it can be to accurately gauge dosage levels, and errors can occur costing you time and money.
With this in mind we can offer a variety of solutions to help in your production, which will allow easy incorporation in production, to ensure ease of use in the finished product.

We can offer liquid blending – this will be into a pre-dispersed medium of your choice. This solution will provide ease of use and batch to batch colour consistency.

Our bespoke blends can also be provided in powder form. We are extremely accomplished in house at blending pigments. However we do not stop at blending colours, our proven track record shows that we also have the capability to incorporate other raw materials in line with your requirements. 

Our capabilities and service extend well beyond this, and where required, we can offer specific testing of materials. We are solution orientated and have proven time and time again that we offer a variety of benefits when supplying Our Colours…Your Way!


  • Ability to colour match
  • Consistent shade
  • Reduction in processing time
  • Easy to incorporate
  • Colours can be supplied blended with other ingredients of choice
  • A partner who takes account of your regulatory & trend requirements
  • Delivered in a powder or liquid format

A Little Bit Of History


In prehistoric times cave paintings were used as a key form of communication. Painters would use locally available resources. Even then, iron oxides which were deposited in the earth were recognised for their light stability, something which remains an important factor today.

Product Families

Solvent Dyes

Univar Colour continue to expand the portfolio and we currently have a range of solvent dyes in powder form which have suitability in a number of applications, including paints, plastics & adhesives. Woodstains continue to be a popular area as consumers demand choices which are broader than the traditional brown shades. If you have a specific requirement, please contact us.

Luminescent Pigments

Univar Colour are proud to distribute Honeywell Lumilux® pigments (UK & Ireland). The range includes high quality luminescent and phosphorescent pigments, which can be used in a wide range of applications from novelty to safety and security; 

  • Safety signage
  • Instrument panels and dashboards for automobiles and aircraft
  • Automatic sorting processes
  • Watch dials
  • Injection-molded toys and novelty items
  • Paints and coatings
  • Other specialty applications

To discuss your specific requirements, you can contact a member of the colour team. 

Iron Oxides    

Iron Oxides have been a key part of the Univar Colour product portfolio for a number of decades in specific end markets, and we are delighted to extend this now into the construction industry.

Widely recognised as a primary choice for a broad range of coating & construction applications, iron oxides deliver corrosion resistance & weather fastness, amongst many other benefits & properties.  

The most popular grades are included in our downloadable brochure, but if you can't see what you are looking for or require further guidance, please contact us.


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